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Fund your Innovation, secure your growth.

We believe that for companies to succeed in the future they must innovate. InnoFund challenges the status quo of the innovation incentives industry by changing the way innovation is identified, valued and funded. Our mission is to accelerate UK innovation to ensure a better future for our clients, environment and economy.
InnoFund are R&D and innovation funding specialists who understand all of the stages of the innovation life cycle. Clients that partner with us early are able to commercialise their innovation and maximise the funding opportunities available to them.

Our Expertise.

As your strategic growth partner, we identify commonly overlooked opportunities in your core business. InnoFund removes the red tape around innovation funding opportunities; our specialists translate the technical jargon into commercial outcomes. Our team of industry specific experts efficiently guide you through the claims process, relieving you of the complexities and nuances of the incentives available to you. We realise that running your business is an all-consuming activity and the last thing you need is to be burdened by additional bureaucracy. We can maximise your benefit with full HMRC compliance.

We tailor the claim methodology to the specifics of your business in line with Professional Conduct in Relation to Taxation (PCTR) guidance whilst claiming the optimal amount of tax relief, and use our experts’ years of experience to navigate any difficult questions which may arise from HMRC.

R&D Tax Credits

Get up to 33% of your expenditure as a cash benefit and/or tax reduction.

R&D Advance

Payment from the revenue taking too long? See if we can advance it.

IP Search & Patent Box

See if you can patent your work to protect your IP and reduce your tax.

Sectors & industries served.

InnoFund has worked with companies from all industries however we currently focus on adding value to the following sectors:


Civil Engineering




Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Software & IT development

Logistics and Transportation

Timeline for securing your benefit.

Initial Call
A conversation to understand if you are eligible for the benefit, where we determine if we can work with your company
Begin the Process
Initial call followed by gathering of technical information
Two Weeks
Cost Collection Exercise
Cost collection – completed alongside InnoFund, once the technical information has been gathered
One Month
Submit the Report to HMRC
Finalised package to be submitted to the Revenue – this will include the technical and financial aspects of the claim
Two Months
Receipt of Money from the Revenue
Your benefit is paid out within 28 days (on average).

Our Clients.

If you wish to talk to a client in your industry please do not hesitate to ask, 70% of our business is referral based. We understand your business is unique so we can not promise to find an identical match but we will try our best to match you with the most suitable business for you to speak to.

This was our first time claiming R&D Tax Credits, I’d initially been approached by other firms but I didn’t understand how it was relevant to our business, they wasted our time with several meetings and I didn’t have an appetite to re-visit this. Adam was referred to me by another company in our industry. I was initially sceptical given my previous experience but his insight into our industry and works made me realise InnoFund was the real deal. InnoFund held our hand through the entire claim, their insight allowed us to explore other costs we hadn’t considered. Their consultants educated us on why our work qualified and the six-figure cash benefit was well worth the 4 hours of collective company time. Adam knew I wanted to sell the business and he advised me how I could use our increased EBITDA to sell my company for a higher price. If your looking to grow and your in the construction industry then there is no better provider
MEP Firm Southampton
Managing Director
InnoFund’s insight into the market has been valuable in serving our clients across all sectors. Not only do they understand the nuances within R&D Tax Credits but they are great at spotting other funding opportunities for our clients. Their smaller team is much more personable than some of the large corporates we’ve partnered with and they really do go that extra mile to satisfy our customers. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer their services to anyone in my network
Accountancy London
Adam was referred by one of our sub-contractors and came highly recommended. We previously did an R&D Tax claim with our accountant so we weren’t new to the process. InnoFund were quick to highlight other activities and opportunities our accountant overlooked, specifically new projects and cost centres we thought were outside the scope of R&D. Simply put they changed our understanding of what R&D is. Additionally they were able to submit claims for three other companies in the group. The result was a net benefit of 8x that of our previous one. This helped massively after Covid-19 and R&D Relief is now a priority business strategy. InnoFund continues to add value by streamlining future claims through a real-time R&D capture process.
Construction Firm Lancashire
Commercial Director

Find out how much you may be able to claim.

Getting in Touch

Our highly qualified tax and technical consultants advise businesses across all industries on innovation funding, government incentives and capital advisory from our offices in London and Manchester.

Please call us on 020 4583 1267 , email or complete the adjacent form to find out more about how InnoFund can secure your growth.