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Patent Identification and Patent Box.

If you qualify for R&D Tax relief it’s probable that some of your work is patentable. 

Why patent your IP?

You could further monetise your profitable IP through Patent Box and protect your innovation from competitors.

What is Patent Box?

The Patent Box incentive allows UK companies to reduce their corporation tax to 10% on all profits related to a patented product or process. It can be claimed simultaneously with R&D Tax Credits.

How can InnoFund help you?

  • Identify qualifying patents in your work
  • Liaise with our partner’s patent attorneys to expedite patent applications or verify further opportunities
  • Review and advise on IP ownership policies and implementing patenting
  • Quantifying relevant IP profit
  • Analysing transfer pricing arrangements
  • Negotiating with HMRC on qualifying conditions
  • Working the nexus fraction in your business

Capital Allowances.

  • A Capital Allowance is an effective way of reducing your taxable profits when renovating buildings or purchasing assets.
  • Expenditure on commercial property is the most common area for claiming Capital Allowances, where 40-95% of expenditure can qualify.
  • We also provide assistance with Enhanced Capital Allowances (“ECAs”) and Enterprise Zones (“EZs”).

Land Remediation Tax Relief (LRTR) .

Land remediation was introduced by the UK government in 2001 to address market failure, in bringing back into use, land that had been blighted by previous use for industrial purposes (this has a wide definition).

Land Remediation Relief (“LRR”) can provide tax relief of up to 150% on qualifying expenditure on commercial property, up to 30p on every pound spent remediating the land

Qualifying expenditure includes the treatment of natural harmful substances (restricted to Japanese Knotweed, Arsenic), the remediation of contaminated land by hydrocarbons as an example, removal of asbestos from buildings and removal of structures that have been derelict from 1 April 1998 or earlier.
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